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Stellar Crisis

Clan Wars



NEWS: CLAN WARS IS NO LONGER OPERATIONAL!!! I'm sorry guys, but I have absolutely no time to update it. With chess club, football, work, college, high school and tests. I also lost my ability to operate from school :( So, I have no way of updating, sorry.





This is the first effort to try and bring to back to life the infamous Clan Wars. This page will probably never be as well layed out as Azo did, but I hope to make Clan Wars itself, more fun. What is Clan Wars? It is a system of playing on a team with other members. You play against the members of the other Clans to gain points. It is full of fun and makes Stellar Crisis much more exciting.

My Last Empire


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The Rules:


  1. Games may only be played on the Lugdunum server.
  2. Games only count if you are in your Clan Empire name.
  3. Games only count if there are only Clan Empires in the game (so yes, you may play Team Games, just as long as it's just Clan Empires).
  4. When you Lose/Win you are to send your Clan leader the Lugdunum Time (which has the date) and the game address. (Both can be found in the History File).
  5. If you are in a Grudge and you are useing your Empire name, you must assume that you are in a Clan game. This means NO complaining about whether or not you had decided on the game being for points.
  6. If there is a Team Clan game, and in any case the game is over because of a surrender. The winning team decides who receives the nuke.


The Point System:


Even though I didn't play in Clan Wars when it was around a while back. I still remember the problems they had. The main problem in which they had was that they went by wins/losses. This made it unfair because some players (such as The Voyager) at the time would play many games, resulting in more wins for the team. However, I was unaware that close to the end of Clan Wars they had their own point formula which we are going to use. Here is the system: points_gained = 5 + (opponents_wins / 2 + 1.5) - (opponents_losses / 2 + 0.5).

  1. One player Named Jack has a record of 4/2. And another player Named Bill has a record of 7/3.

  2. If Jack wins the formula would look like this: points_gained = 5 + (7 / 2 + 1.5) - (3 / 2 + 0.5) So Jack would gain 8 points.

  3. If Bill wins the formula would like like this: points_gained = 5 + (4 / 2 + 1.5) - (2 / 2 + 0.5) So Bill would gain 7 points.





To win, your team must have the highest average points out of the other Clans. This is to increase the chances for those who do not want as many people in their Clan and to keep the Clan from winning who only have 1 player (considering a Clan is like a team, so the Clan should win, not the player).




In order to play. You must first be a Mercenary. You will be put on the Mercenary list in which the Captains will be able to see you. They may make you an offer for membership in their Clan, but YOU ultimately decide whether or not you want to join by e-mailing them back. The Captain will then e-mail me to register you as one of their Clan members. To become a Mercenary you must send me your e-mail address and the name you would like to use.




How and when do you play? Whenever you want. You join a game, and can hope someone from a different Clan joins or you can setup the game perhaps with the new password feature. There is NO limit to how many games may be played. You may play however many you want, with whomever you want as many times as you want. BUT remember, this is only on the Lugdunum Server.